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Thank you for stopping by our website. Signature Springs, LLC is a full scale high speed bottling facility located in Brandonville, Pennsylvania.  Our plant is on 28 acres and our source is on another parcel of over 1,500 acres.  The bottling plant is located at the foot of the protected 1,500 acre mountain aquifer. The plant opened in 2012 bottling Natural Spring Water bottling only 5 liter bottles.  During 2013 we expanded our capabilities into 12oz, 20oz, 24oz. We have added in 2014 an upscale .5 liter smooth wall bottle.  We will also now be capable of cold pack flavor mixing and 6 packing.  . We are a unique high speed operation that makes our own bottles at up to 450 bottles per minute yet still offers custom label, private label and full co- packaging.  Call or email to speak to one of our staff to see how we may be able to work together on your project.  Whether it is 72 cases of custom label for your golf course or 100,000 cases for your retail store, Signature Springs can offer great pricing, service and quality!
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